2020 moon treats: 13 full moons, 2 super moons, 1 blue moon

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Tuscany, Italy, July 2019. Copyright: Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Photographers with an affection for the moon are in for a huge treat in 2020. According to astronomy experts, the year will offer thirteen full moons. That includes two supermoons and even a blue moon.

October, in particular, will be exciting. The month promises two full moons, with the second one being a blue moon. If you have already started planning for Halloween, you may consider changing plans – the blue moon will appear right on Halloween. In any event, a blue moon will assuredly add an eerie quality to Halloween. For moon enthusiasts, depending on the weather, it will undoubtedly be a trick or treat evening.

When a full moon appears at its closest approach to earth it is called a supermoon. For us, on earth, the moon will come across larger and about 30% brighter than usual. If you plan right, it may be possible to capture the supermoon with contexts or foregrounds which add to the drama.

Clouds or overcast are the main enemies when it comes to capturing the moon in all its glory. My wife and I headed out to a local beach a few years ago. A unique moon event was predicted a late summer evening. We headed home empty handed because of low-hanging clouds above the horizon obscuring the appearance of the moon. It would be visible only a limited time above the horizon line.

[Via Syracuse]

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