Insta360 ONE X and GO updates remove wind and background noise from your audio

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Two of the biggest complaints about small cameras like action and 360° cameras are their audio and fairly bland colours. The audio is often just the nature of built-in microphones, but the colours is often a function of maximising dynamic range in the source file.

To avoid us having to run our footage through yet another 3rd party app to fix them, Insta360 has developed True Audio and Color Plus features for their mobile apps and desktop editing software for the Insta360 ONE X (currently on sale for Black Friday) and the Insta360 GO to specifically address these issues.

Color Plus processes the footage in post to compensate for tricky lighting conditions and colour inconsistencies in the video. Insta360 says that this helps to produce footage with more vivid colours and a consistent balanced dynamic range throughout your edit.

The True Audio feature is particularly interesting, though. Microphones on small cameras like these are often subject to wind noise. Noise that can ruin an audio track. True Audio also works in post and uses AI to help filter out that sound in order to, as Insta360 describes it, balance it “to be closer to how the human ear perceives it”. The algorithm detects and separates different noises to remove wind, vehicles, alarms, machines and construction noise.

Color Plus and True Audio are incorporated into the latest Insta360 GO apps for both iOS and Android and for the Insta360 ONE X for iOS (Android coming soon). The latest iOS app update for the Insta360 ONE X on iOS now also includes the Story Editor that was initially launched with the Insta360 GO app.

As well as the mobile apps, the desktop Insta360 Studio software also comes with both the Color Plus and True Audio features included. The desktop software also sees new noise reduction features to help improve the quality of the footage when shooting in low light.

The updates for the mobile apps and the desktop software are available to download now at the links below…

While Android users might feel a little left out with these updates, Insta360 assures me that their engineers are working away to try and bring these features to Android as soon as they can, so we’ll let you know when we hear more. For now, though, Android users will have to stick to the desktop software to get the new features.

The demo video above does seem fairly impressive. Have any of you tried the new features yet?

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